Instagram Spots in Kraichgau

by | May 29, 2020

The search for Instagram Spots during Corona

If we had been looking for Instagram Spots up to now, it was never in Kraichgau, but mostly in the course of holiday preparation – and if possible somewhere exotic. But now we have Corona – and with the virus, the travel restrictions worldwide. So now it’s time to be creative! This means, everybody explores the surrounding area for especially beautiful instagrammable places. We as well …

We explore Instagram Spots in Kraichgau

Today was a perfect day to explore the neighborhood. As the weather was nice and warm, but not that sunny, it was perfect for taking pictures. Initially we wanted to show you some really great spots in the Japanese Garden in Münzesheim, but unfortunately it didn’t work out: Closed because of Corona …. hm…



Railway Crossing in Ubstadt – is it a spot?

On the way back we discovered this railway crossing and the really photogenic signal systems. It was quite funny, because I first had to practice posing again. Well, what can I say: Jenny has it in her blood, while I still have to learn :-). The signal system is directly at the railway station Ubstadt-Salzbrunnenstraße. Luckily the way across the railway tracks is hardly used. As a result, you can take all the time you need to try out poses and clothes and camera settings. However, we were just at the shooting, when all of a sudden it honked behind us – a nice lady had watched the hustle and bustle for a while, but then wanted to go on sometime.

Paulus Chapel in Ubstadt – definitely an instagrammable gem

After this spot, we continued our trip within Ubstadt: Here, the hiker unexpectedly finds a totally extraordinary chapel in the middle of woods and fields. It was built and donated by a local building contractor. A gem that I had only discovered many years after we had lived here. As I said before: Quite hidden in the forest – thanks to the benches and shady places around it, it is also ideal for changing clothes. With the car you can drive along the dirt road to the chapel and park there. Try it out. Which I’m sure looks great, but we didn’t do that: Take a picture from above with a drone. The black roof in combination with the natural stone path should also bring some spectacular pictures. Because we know that you always want to know how a picture looks like in the original and then in the postproduction, we don’t want to withhold this from you:

And finally here our third and last spot:

Striped Gate in Zeutern – you simply need to open your eyes to find Instagram Spots

Following our tour, you will find our last spot on the main road in Zeutern towards Odenheim on the right side (No. 54a)It is this beautiful old gate. Although it belongs to a private property, it is easy to shoot, because the pavement directly crosses the gate. Isn’t that cool?

And finally:

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