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  • find your perfect spots
  • get inspired
  • plan your next trips
  • get connectet with your favorite blogger


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Top Instagrammable Hotels

Top Instagrammable Hotels

You are looking for top instagrammable hotels? That´s why we list here the most beautiful ones per contintent. You can find all of them in our app for instagrammable photo spots. Find here a...

Instagram Spots in Kraichgau

Instagram Spots in Kraichgau

The search for Instagram Spots during Corona If we had been looking for Instagram Spots up to now, it was never in Kraichgau, but mostly in the course of holiday preparation - and if possible...

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That’s us

– Did you know we´re mum and daughter? –

Alex from meisight

When we travel the world, the most important aspect for me are the people. Connecting, learning, exploring the world with their eyes is what really drives me. Working with meisight is the perfect match of my deepest wish to communicate with people and exploring the world.

Jenny from meisight

Hi, I’m Jenny, 22 years old and I love taking pictures. I take every opportunity to travel the world and discover new places. Taking pictures are memories for me, which I love to share on my Instagram account @jennnnypa.  

The story behind the app 

Jenny´s modeling ambitions developed quite early. Already as a little girl, she loved to bring herself into the spotlight – with a lot of fun and creativity.


But reality looks different: Too small to survive in this business, she discovered her passion for creating pictures on Instagram.


Alex on the other hand always dreamed of exploring the world and took every opportunity to do so.


She loves to travel or to prepare for the next trip, when she´s back. As a photographer of Jenny, she is always looking for great photo spots.


For both it took a lot of time to find the right locations – before they invented meisight!


Don´t waste your time finding the right spot. Use meisight now and start exploring the world!